Friday, June 1, 2012
A Father's Day tribute to my own Dear Daddy who passed away in 1983. The kit includes items that represent him and the things he loved. My Daddy was a Christian and in his final days was preaching and teaching Bible study, so I have included his Bible and a shirt and tie for Church. He was an engineer on the railroad, so I have included a train with tracks. He loved hot tea, so I have included a few coffee mugs. I've included a few hats because he always wore a hat to work. And I've included a few key chains because I remember him pecking on the door with his keys late at night when he came in from work to let Mom know it was him before he unlocked the door. The dreaded leather belt is also included. When he pulled it off and looped it around his neck, we knew we'd better be good. I've also included a few items extras to give you some variety like paper flowers, a few bows and ribbons, several frames, and a couple of word art quotes. It's all done with a paper and cardboard theme in rustic colors.


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