Monday, July 9, 2012
Under the sea
Under the sea
Darling it's better 
Down where it's wetter 
Take it from me 
Up on the shore they work all day 
Out in the sun they slave away 
While we devotin' 
Full time to floatin' 
Under the sea 
(from Disney's Little Mermaid)

Transform your projects into a magical underwater setting with this kit! The vibrant, happy colors will bring your projects to life. Kit includes a large selection of cartoon type marine animals, fish, and even a mermaid. Also included are a wrecked ship, treasure chest, and various other items found "Under The Sea".

Kit includes:
22 Papers
6 String Bows
6 Buttons
6 Flowers
6 Porthole Frames
1 Rectangle Decorated Frame
1 Barrel
1 Bubble Overlay
1 Bucket
1 Captain's Wheel
1 Driftwood
1 Old Ship
2 Life Preservers
1 Sand Border
1 Treasure Chest
1 Anchor
6 Pearls
6 Rock Piles
6 Fish
1 Shark
2 Whales
2 Mermaids
1 Crab
3 Seahorses
1 Jellyfish
1 Dolphin
1 Octopus
1 Stingray
2 Starfish
6 Sea plants
6 Seaweed with flowers
6 Seaweed no flowers
1 Seaweed Floor
18 Seashells
1 Sand dollar
6 Frame/Picture Rope Wraps

And here is a quick page freebie from the new kit...

Quick Page is 3600x3600px and 300dpi
Personal Use Only.

Please remember when sharing to share the link to my blog and NOT the quick page.

Grab yours here.


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